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Targeted Therapies in Asthma: Update Bulletin #2 [July 2018]

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July 2018

This edition presents key opinion leader (KOL) views on recent developments in the severe asthma treatment market. Topics covered include: GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) presenting new data for Nucala (mepolizumab; anti-IL-5) at the American Thoracic Society’s 2018 Annual Meeting in May 2018 (ATS 2018), including data from the MUSCA, MENSA, and  COLUMBA studies, along with data from a study in patients with EGPA (Eosinophilic Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis, or Churg-Strauss syndrome); AstraZeneca presenting new data for Fasenra (benralizumab; anti-IL-5) at ATS 2018, including new steroid-sparing and morning peak flow data from the ZONDA trial, and pooled analysis from the SIROCCO and CALIMA trials focused on the impact of body mass index (BMI) on the efficacy of Fasenra; and Sanofi and Regeneron presenting new data for dupilumab, an antil-IL-4R mAb that inhibits signalling of IL-4 and IL-13, at ATS 2018 from the Phase III LIBERTY ASTHMA QUEST study, along with data from the LIBERTY ASTHMA VENTURE study.

Business Questions:

• Were KOLs surprised by the new data presented at ATS 208 from the MENSA and MUSCA meta-analyses, and how could GSK use this to Nucala’s advantage in its market share battle against Xolair?
• Will the MUSCA/MENSA meta-analysis data have a significant impact on prescribing of Nucala?
• How impressed are KOLs with long term efficacy and safety data from the COLUMBA study, and how could this data be leveraged by GSK in terms of clinical differentiation within the anti-IL-5 mAb class?
• What is the most significant benefit of the data from the COLUMBA study; will it provide physicians with more confidence to use Nucala, and will it have a significant impact on Nucala prescribing rates?
• Do KOLs believe that the data for Nucala in patients with EGPA is a big advance, or do they urge caution when interpreting the data?
• Do KOLs believe that the steroid-sparing and morning peak flow data from the ZONDA trial provide any new information, and how does this information add to the overall story for Fasenra?
• Are KOLs agreed upon how to interpret the data from the SIROCCO and CALIMA trials, or is there disagreement on the potential benefit of Fasenra in obese asthmatics?
• Has data from the QUEST and VENTURE studies complicated the picture for dupilumab, and are KOLs impressed with the efficacy and steroid-sparing data? 
• Do KOLs have any concerns about the safety data from the QUEST and VENTURE studies?
• Will dupilumab be approved as a treatment for severe asthma, and if so, where will it be used in the severe asthma treatment paradigm?


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