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Diabetes (Early Stage Outlook) : Update Bulletin #1 [December 2018]

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December 2018

This edition presents the views and insights from three key opinion leaders (KOLs) from North America and Europe on a variety of recent events in the diabetes mellitus (DM) market. Within this update, KOLs provided their views on the following key events: NovioSense, announcing positive data from its six-patient clinical Phase II NLNSGS2017-02 tear glucose sensor study; Novo Nordisk announcing the headline results from the Phase IIIa PIONEER 8 study with oral semaglutide, for the treatment of adults with type 2 diabetes; and Lilly announcing positive data from a Phase IIb clinical trial for its dual glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide (GIP) and GLP-1 receptor agonist tirzepatide,in type 2 diabetics.

Business Questions:

• How do KOLs view the potential of NovioSense’s tear glucose sensor and do they see it reaching the market?
• Could shorter glucose lag-time data for the tear sensor compared with ISF, translate into clinical advantage? What do KOLs think? 
• What do experts think of the comfort level and tolerability with the tear sensor?
• Can the tear glucose sensor overcome the challenge of accurately reporting glucose values below 70 mg/dL? What do KOLs say?
• How do KOLs view Novo Nordisk’s PIONEER programme and is oral semaglutide likely to reach the market?
• How do expert perceive the fasting requirement for patients before taking oral semaglutide?
• According to KOLs, how will the higher dosages required to achieve bioavailability impact the costs for oral semaglutide?
• How do KOLs think oral semaglutide, if approved, impact the injectable GLP-1 market?
• Where do experts see oral semaglutide being used in the treatment paradigm?
• How do opinion leaders view Lilly’s dual GIP/GLP-1 RA tirzepatide?
• What do KOLs think of tirzepatide’s mechanism or action and does the GIP component have any role in its effectiveness?
• Do experts have safety concerns with tirzepatide and if so how are they likely to affect its uptake in the market?
• How will availability of tirzepatide impact Lilly’s dulaglutide and other GLP-1s on the market?


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