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Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia: Update Bulletin [Feb 2016]

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February 2016

Gain new KOL insights on the latest events with the potential to shape the targeted treatment of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia (CLL). Topics covered include opinions about the use of combinations containing Zydelig (idelalisib; Gilead) or Imbruvica (ibrutinib; AbbVie/Janssen) with chemotherapy, for treating patients with relapsed CLL, and the emergence of the novel targeted therapy venetoclax (ABT-199; Roche/AbbVie) as a potential competitor within the CLL space. Results of the RESONATE-2 and -17 trials and their potential impact on the role of Imbruvica in the first-line CLL setting, are also discussed.

Key Questions Answered in this Update Bulletin:

  • How do KOLs view the results of Study 115 of Gilead’s Zydelig plus bendamustine/Rituxan in relapsed CLL and which patients are considered most suitable for this triple combination?
  • How do KOLs view the role of chemotherapy within the combination of Zydelig plus bendamustine/Rituxan in Study 115?
  • As AbbVie/Janssen’s Imbruvica in combination with bendamustine/Rituxan awaits approval as a treatment for patients with relapsed/refractory CLL, how crucial will its toxicity profile prove for product differentiation?
  • How do KOLs view the design of the RESONATE-2 trial and will the results be sufficient to secure the approval of Imbruvica as a first-line CLL therapy?
  • How will the results of the RESONATE-17 trial affect Imbruvica’s role as a first-line therapy for patients with CLL harbouring the 17p deletion?
  • Can the tumour lysis risk associated with the use of Roche/AbbVie’s venetoclax be effectively managed and thus allow the agent to realise its potential as a successful CLL therapy?

Update Bulletins include expert insight and analysis based on FirstWord analyst re-engagement with the KOLs after major events such as product approvals, key data releases and major conferences to deliver the most valuable insights with each update.


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