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Medical Affairs Reputations: Haemophilia B (EU5) 2018

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November 2018

Detailed product-level analysis for benchmarking and improving the performance of medical affairs teams in the EU5

  • How successful are medical affairs teams in meeting physicians’ needs?
  • What medical affairs services and support do physicians value most?
  • For which haemophilia B brands are medical affairs teams delivering services successfully?
  • For which haemophilia B brands are medical affairs services falling short and where is there scope for improvement?

Clinicians treating haemophilia B need the ongoing support of medical affairs teams to ensure complete knowledge of a product’s clinical value and use. The quality of a medical affairs team’s response and service is critical in supporting prescribing and treatment decisions, so how do front-line physicians rate the service they get and where do they see room for improvement?

This and other key questions are answered in this insightful November 2018 analysis of 7 leading haemophilia B brands. Based on the results of an in-depth survey of 150 EU5-based haematologists, Medical Affairs Reputations (EU5) Haemophilia B identifies the drivers that build clinician satisfaction and brand loyalty.

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Medical affairs teams from leading companies in haemophilia B assessed

  • CSL Behring
  • Novo Nordisk
  • Pfizer
  • Shire
  • Swedish Orphan Biovitrum

Leading brands covered in this report

  • Alprolix (eftrenonacog alfa; Swedish Orphan Biovitrum)
  • BeneFIX (nonacog alfa; Pfizer)
  • Feiba (Anti-Inhibitor Coagulant Complex; Shire)
  • Idelvion (albutrepenonacog alfa; CSL Behring)
  • MonoNine (Coagulation Factor IX (human); CSL Behring)
  • Refixia (nonacog beta pegol; Novo Nordisk)
  • Rixubis (nonacog gamma; Shire)

Answering important medical affairs performance questions

  • What underpins the overall rankings of interaction quality for Feiba, BeneFIX and Alprolix?
  • What medical affairs services are most used by physicians?
  • How frequently are physicians contacted by medical affairs teams working on Rixubis, Alprolix and Refixia?
  • How satisfied are physicians with the information provided on the clinical value of a product in comparison with its competitors?
  • How do physicians prefer to interact and how frequently?
  • Providing unbiased scientific information? Clinical trial updates? Answering medical enquiries? What are the services and attributes most valued by physicians for Alprolix, BeneFIX, Idelvion and MonoNine?

 Exclusive to FirstView, Medical Affairs Reputations surveys reveal, at a brand level, physician satisfaction with the medical affairs services they receive and the key areas where teams can improve their performance

The experience of the physicians surveyed

This detailed analysis is based on a survey of 150 EU5 haematologists with a wealth of experience treating haemophilia B. On average they:

  • See 35 multiple myeloma patients in a typical month
  • Have 17 years in practice
  • Spend 88% of their time on direct patient care

This report gives you...

  • Practical data to understand how haematologists rank the performance of medical affairs teams in haemophilia B
  • 34 clear, easy to read charts that provide at-a-glance understanding of the survey findings
  • Actionable and detailed information identifying the specific areas where medical affairs teams can improve their support and engagement with physicians

Why FirstView has an edge in pharmaceutical market research

FirstView research draws on LiMA (Leaders in Medicine Atlas), the world's largest directory of 3.5 million vetted and verified physicians. This proprietary physician research platform uses advanced big data capture, processing and analytics powered by AI and machine learning to ensure the most robust samples are used for every FirstView survey.

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