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The Top 10 Pharma Companies in 2017

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March 2013

Who are they? And which products will put them up there?

With many of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies continuing to face the loss of patent protection for key drugs, and with the threat of biosimilar competition looming large, news of breakups, spinoffs and acquisitions fill the headlines.

Which companies will ride these turbulent waters and stay on top? What new and existing products will drive their success, and which drugs are going to see the greatest declines?

No single organisation has all the answers. That’s why FirstWord has combined and distilled extensive analysis from experts in many fields to predict the top 10 Pharma companies in 2017.

Each of the top 10 pharma companies for 2017 has its own report, providing an overall sales forecast, individual sales forecasts for the top 5 drivers and resistors, and a detailed account of the key catalysts that will have an impact on those products, such as forthcoming trial results, new competition, and generic incursion

Key Benefits

Unlike other pharma reports on the market, FirstWord has drawn on a wide range of respected sources – including investment bank and equity research, analyst briefings, news sources, and company publications – to bring you consensus forecasts, insightful, in-depth analysis, and unbiased predictions for the future leaders of the industry. This report will help you to:

  • Understand what makes a top 10 pharma company
  • Assess their product mix and identify their major sources of revenue
  • Discover which products are going to drive the growth of these companies, and what key catalysts will impact future sales
  • Understand the impact of products that will adversely impact on the growth of each company
  • Gain valuable competitive insights so you can better position your products in specific markets


The Top 10 Pharma Companies in 2017 answers key questions including:

  • What are the key drivers of my competitors’ sales growth?
  • What proportion of total pharma sales do a company’s key products contribute over the next five years, and how does this compare with other leading players?
  • How dependent is a company on the sales of its best-selling drug?
  • To what extent will a company suffer from falling sales of its current products?
  • What events and issues could have a positive or negative effect on their sales?
  • How are the major companies structured?
  • Which company is forecast to have two products that will reach blockbuster status in 2017?

Key Features

  • Analyst consensus sales forecasts for the ten pharma companies that are expected to lead the market in 2017
  • Analyst consensus sales forecasts for each company’s top five growth drivers
  • Analyst consensus sales forecasts for each company’s top five growth resistors
  • In-depth analysis of the key catalysts that are expected to impact positively or negatively on the sales of each top driver and resistor
  • Comparative data analysis


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