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A new Era in Pharma Marketing: Delivering Content-Driven Experiences

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November 2018

Are you locked in a traditional product marketing mind set? Time to move on...

How can you provide better support and awareness to HCPs and patients for your brands? Content marketing may be the answer. Advocates argue that content-driven experiences and storytelling humanises pharma, injects emotion into pharma's interactions with customers and beneficially changes stakeholder knowledge and perceptions. Can content marketing really widen customer reach and engagement? Can it innovatively educate, differentiate and deliver key messages about your brand? How can you develop powerful content-driven and customer centric marketing channels?

If pharma is to effectively employ content-driven marketing then it needs a clear strategy for its implementation across the organisation. That is why we interviewed US and EU marketing innovators to reveal in A new Era in Pharma Marketing; Delivering Content-Driven Experiences how they see content-marketing changing pharma's stakeholder conversations and the essential changes industry must implement for success.

Marketing experts explore key questions

  • What exactly are content-driven experiences, how do they differ from traditional marketing and why does pharma need them?
  • How is content marketing being approached by companies and are any particular models being used?
  • What is the impact of content marketing on brand image?
  • What is the difference between content marketing for HCPs and patients?
  • How can content marketing success and ROI be measured?
  • How does the highly-regulated nature of pharmaceutical products impact the ability to creatively communicate meaningful stories and experiences?
  • How can content help healthcare marketers increase the credibility of their web sites and communications?

What the marketing experts say…

"Content is one of the fundamental cornerstones of any engagement with the customer. If you don't have the right content, if you're not speaking the right language, if you're not addressing the questions that people are asking, if you're not keeping it fresh and up-to-date, people will look for information elsewhere. I think the opportunities are massive and currently under-exploited."

"Content marketing will allow pharma to be more effective communicators. It will create a level of engagement with customers that hasn't been there in the past."

"I don't think we should see it [regulatory constraints] as an issue. Do I think it allows us to be as agile as we would like to be? Probably not. However, I think we need to embrace regulatory compliance and use it as a vehicle to make sure that we can be even more innovative."

What to expect

A detailed and insightful report exploring the opportunities for content-driven marketing and the practical approaches to developing fit-for-purpose content-driven marketing programmes:

  • An examination of the 8 key issues that marketing planners and practitioners need to address
  • 16 targeted questions put to content marketing innovators
  • Their responses, which yielded 64 current insights supported by 105 directly quoted comments

Expert marketing contributors

Glenn Cross is the Marketing and Sales Effectiveness Head, APMA at Novartis, Singapore. He is a commercial leader with over 15 years of experience in analytical and strategic thinking while promoting portfolios and brands at country, regional and international levels. He has achieved success in driving business outcomes using commercial excellence initiatives, and has constructed several successful strategies for product development and registration.

Dr Kasia Hein-Peters is the VP, Global Marketing and Communication at Terumo BCT in the US, who has extensive global experience in pharmaceutical marketing. In her current role she oversees marketing excellence. Prior to this, she was the Marketing Head for Sanofi Pasteur, where she led the Dengue campaign and launched Vaxelis (PR51), both of which comprised extensive content marketing to achieve a strategic brand vision.

Pelin Icil is a healthcare industry expert who has plied her trade with leading pharma companies including Bayer and GlaxoSmithKline. As a marketing manager with many years of experience, Icil has a proven history of exploring innovation initiatives and driving change in the pharma industry. She has most recently served as the Marketing Manager and Cluster Marketing Lead for Bayer Pharmaceuticals.

Yana Yarmova Ignatova is the Senior Vice President of International Strategic Marketing at Allergan, UK. She has a 20-year track record of providing business solutions that deliver results across all brands and locations, in established and emerging markets. Her experience spans Europe, North America and Asia. In addition to Allergan, Yana has also worked for Johnson and Johnson and Procter and Gamble, as well as the Incorporated Society of British Advertisers.

Victor Kara is the Founder and Principle of Digital and Omni-channel Marketing at DB1 based in Switzerland and the US. He has almost two decades of experience in driving digital and omni-channel transformation using results-oriented and clear ROI approaches. Kara has previously worked for Novartis, Sanofi, Boomerang and iXL, all with a global reach.

Marie Knopp CCXP is a Customer Experience Consultant, who was previously the Customer Experience Manager at Pfizer Essential Health, UK. She excels at collaborating with pharma leadership to deliver better patient outcomes via customer-centric strategies that incorporate customer journey mapping. She also has strong experience in customer relations, insight generation, and net promoter score programmes. Her goal is to give a voice to customers.

Helen Redshaw is the Content Delivery Planning Manager - Global Commercial Operations at AstraZeneca, UK, where her focus is to implement Global Best Practice for company brand asset development, management and local market sharing. She specialises in digital content delivery for end-to-end campaign development, training and educational material production, through to market implementation in a global environment.

Morten Remmer is the Chief Growth Officer, Head of Growth Hacking and Communications, and Head of the LEO Innovation Lab Incubator, a subsidiary of LEO Pharma in Denmark. He promotes teams and organisations to take advantage of new opportunities and embrace change in the industry to achieve quality results, something which is highly needed to drive content marketing forward within pharma.

Christian Scheuer is the VP of Global Commercial Affairs and Excellence at LEO Pharma. Scheuer has over 14 years' Pharma industry experience and his expertise spans disease strategy, biologics launch excellence and digital marketing and engagement.

James Winterman is the SVP for Unlicensed Medicines at Clinigen Group. He has over two decades of experience in pharma, including working for big names such as Pfizer and SmithKline Beecham. His expertise can be applied in areas such as sales, strategic planning and operations, and market access, all of which are components of a strong content marketing strategy.

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